Specialized Solutions by Intellitools for Pharmacies and Gyms in Brazil

by Afaque Ghumro

At Intellitools, we are proud to develop technology solutions specific to the Brazilian pharmacy and gym markets.

With that being a prominent and dominant Brazilian technology company, we’re going to bring state-of-art systems that improve and optimize efficiency in both the pharmacy and operational management for gyms—all with support like no other to our clients and their capabilities of data retention.

Benefits of Our Systems

Our systems provide a wide range of benefits for pharmacies and gyms in Brazil:

Free Trial Support

Appreciating the need to sample before making a comprehensive commitment, we offer a free trial period for our clients to enjoy firsthand the benefits of our systems without risking any funds.

Reliable Data Retention

The key things in any business environment are data security and integrity. This allows our clients to store their required critical information in our systems securely and have them accessed whenever they need to. Our system is designed with highly advanced data security protocols in such a manner that data is retained reliably.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Management

Our pharmacy software is tailored, including Sistema Nacional de Gestão de Produtos Controlados (SNGPC), among others. It rationalizes the optimization of inventory, prescriptions, sales, and much more. Characteristically simple and user-friendly features assist in improving operational efficiency and customer service for the users.

Complex Solutions for Gyms

We offer complete systems for gyms in Brazil—membership management, training programs, control equipment, and billing. Our solutions aim to add value to your business, improving customer experience, raising member retention, and optimizing internal administration.

Seamless Integration

The systems are designed in a manner that they comfortably fit with already existing infrastructure, either that of a pharmacy or a gym, without much hustle, little interference, and enabling smooth transition.

Customizable Features

We understand that every pharmacy and gym have its unique requirements. Our systems, therefore, come with features that can be customed and set up with flexible configurations, depending on the individual requirements of every customer.

Ongoing Support and Training

Besides the support service on the free trial, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing technical support service to ensure that our customers are well proficient with their systems to be able to reap full benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Intellitools’ free trial?

You can contact our sales team for more information on our free trial period and how to get started.

What security measures do you implement to protect my pharmacy or gym’s data?

In working at Intellitools, we always observe the highest, trendy safety policies in our operation, such as information encryption and restriction to access by any third party of information which might be sensitive to our clients. 

How easy is it to integrate Intellitools’ systems into my existing pharmacy or gym?

 Our systems are designed to be easily integratable and compatible with a variety of platforms and existing systems.

Do you offer training and technical support for using your systems? 

Yes, we do provide complete training and continued technical support to make sure our customers take full advantage of our systems.

What competitive advantages do Intellitools’ systems offer over other options on the market? 

All developed especially for Brazilian pharmacies and gyms, our solutions come with special features and outstanding support that will certainly make you stand out among your competitors.

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